SFS is a platform that consist of Artists, DJ’s, Remixers, Music Producers and Musicians that share the same gift and goals within the Underground Music Scene.
Our aim is to profide these music individuals to the globe, they are more or less known but have proved to make a difference in this world we call Underground Dance Music!
SFS has that gift to find that talent, scout and manage them the way they see themselves best. Bringing them together, working as a family and doing every thing possible to keep that Underground Sound alive. Whether it’s HipHop, Soul, Funk, Jazz, House!!!! Wait….!!!! No bounderies here,….as long as you can feel and understand what we do, everyone can surely relate to it!!!
Having said this, SFS has over two decades of experience in the entertainment services that are mentioned and is therefore a solid foundation for the now and future generation artists to become.
So we welcome you to SFS Recordings and hope that you will enjoy what you read and get involved with what we love, care about and life the most: MUSIC.